Our Founder is passionate about sports, wellness and products that make an impact on society. His initial vision stemmed from the sports drink category and wanted to create specific formulas for each athlete within their respective demands through their sport…fast forward to today….he really wanted to innovate the consumable-based category to tackle dehydration on a different level. He wanted to solve the pain points of people around the globe when it comes to dehydration who are used to experiencing headaches, dizziness, fatigue, lack of focus, thirst, etc.

 He saw this opportunity to solve this global concern with an innovative transdermal patch which will replenish your electrolytes and provide your body with other essential nutrients. His vision was to bypass the digestive tract process and provide a less invasive and convenient process for consumers around the world. We now are embarking upon a great mission to help people globally and truly take on the goliaths….our team goal and mission is to provide a legacy to all so that each of us can Live Smarter®….


A solution designed to assist with dehydration not only during your day, but while you sleep.