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• Up to 8 Hours of Use • Water Resistant • Zero Calories, Zero Sugar, Zero Caffeine • Informed Sport Certified 

Whether you are preparing for a big competition, stepping up to the line on race day, or recovering after a long workout, the HydraPatch® provides a convenient solution for all your electrolyte replenishment needs. Through our transdermal delivery system the HydraPatch® bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, and delivers electrolytes, vitamins, and essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream. 

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Minimized joint and muscle pain



Mental acuity




Minimized clarity

Thirst & Dry mouth

Muscle and joint pain

Muscle cramps


Zero Sugar and calories

Zero Caffeine, Taurine, or other stimulants

Direct to bloodstream

Not just Vitamins

Not a consumable beverage

Rehydrate while you train or sleep

Last up to 8 hours



I was recently on a ski trip in Montana where I was able to use your product. I often suffer from altitude sickness and one of the only remedies is hydration. In order to truly test out your product I was able to wear the patch both while flying and skiing. In both cases I could feel a difference or at least did not feel sick or dehydrated as I often do.


As a retired professional baseball player who played catcher, I wish the
Hydra Patch® was around while I was playing. During my workouts, whether hiking or out for a jog, the Hydra Patch® helps me maintain hydration without having to stop and get a drink. I truly believe that athletes looking to stay hydrated during workouts and hours after-the Hydra Patch® is the way to go.

Jim Leyritz

2 -Time World Series Champion

There are few things in fitness performance that impress me. I’ve tried all the pre-workouts, fat burners, energy drinks, you name it. But something like the HydraPatch® has never existed before. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to step up their training and recovery.

Tony Washington

Competitive Bodybuilder

This product not only helped me physically, keeping me hydrated and focused, but the mental confidence and alertness was unmatched to the other thousands of products I have tried. I can promise you I will always have HydraPatch® in my golf bag.


Professional Golf Coach

The day of my trial, it was quite hot and humid, so I know about the fluid loss and that I would likely be dehydrated. I applied the HydraPatch®, and drank water as soon as I got home.
I noticed I wasn't as tired as expected, as I had been working extensive hours prior to the trial. I had no headache, which I usually get when I'm dehydrated.
I was so full of energy after I woke up. It was like having a shot of caffeine, minus the sudden drop you feel after the caffeine wears out. I took a shower with the patch on, and it had excellent adherence. My productivity went up significantly.

Dr. N.D.

Doctor (M.D.)