Shipping & Returns

Thank you for purchasing our products/services at Our products are shipped from our corporate headquarters at 55 Madison Avenue, Ste. 400 – Morristown, NJ 07960. The HydraPatch® will be offered for sale through our website direct to consumer. Any purchase of our products made from any other existing or previously existing online stores are the responsibility of that entity. HydraPatch®, any entity thereof, or any affiliate of HydraPatch® shall not be responsible for products shipped from other existing online stores. HydraPatch® will only ship product in the continental U.S. excluding Hawaii & Alaska, Puerto Rico, or any other non-continental territories of the United States. All continental U.S. orders include free shipping, at the sole expense of HydraPatch®.

Customer may be subject to shipping charges for returns, replacement orders, etc. on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of HydraPatch® executive management. HydraPatch® will ship product in a timely manner with the expectation of delivering the products purchased within 7 calendar days. HydraPatch® does not guarantee these shipping timeframes and any/all delays in shipping timeframes are at the discretion the shipping carrier. HydraPatch® is not liable for any delay in product.

Ownership of Product is transferred immediately upon confirmation of shipment. Any issues relating to the conditions of the product shall be relayed to HydraPatch® Executive Management in writing. Any inquires regarding product conditions may not be reviewed after 24 hours of product receipt. All product condition inquiries will be responded to by HydraPatch® executive management. HydraPatch® may replace products on a case-by-case basis only upon HydraPatch® executive management receiving the product for review at our aforementioned corporate headquarters.

Changes to any orders after being shipped by HydraPatch® are subject to a processing fee payable by the customer. Any changes to orders must be expressed and accepted in writing by HydraPatch® Executive Management. Any/all of these conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Any changes in policy will be reflected in any new orders after policy changes have been made. Any pending or incomplete orders during a policy change will be subject to the previously establish policy at the time of purchase