Consumer Reviews

The HydraPatch® is a transdermal application (patch applied to your skin) that will administer necessary nutrients to sustain and replace lost ingredients for your body.


NCAA Division I Track & Field Coach

The HydraPatch®, in my opinion, will “assist your body in managing levels of hydration for safety, wellness & performance.”  I cannot wait until this product is available for public purchase, as it will significantly benefit anyone willing to optimize their performance daily.
The HydraPatch® delivered above and beyond its stated mission to provide “essential nutrients” during activity.  As a High-Performance Coach with over 20 years’ experience and one who has spent numerous hours independently studying nutrition to understand its absorption and cellular effects on athletes, the HyraPatch® is the answer to my research efforts.


Professional Racer

As a race car driver at the highest level of NHRA Drag Racing, I need to be at my best. Thanks to the HydraPatch® I felt great!  I noticed that when I was in the car with all my safety gear on, my head was clear, and I was able to withstand the heat better than I normally would. I used to have to alternate between water and a sports drink to be able to maintain adequate hydration levels which would impact my calorie count for the day. The HydraPatch® absolutely gives me a competitive edge.

Craig Stoddard

Program Director – Parisi Speed School

I have been in the Strength and Conditioning world since 1994. I have worked for 4 NFL football teams (Giants, Chargers, Eagles and Jags), and Penn State Football. The first time I used the HydraPatch®, I was dealing with some hip and lower back pain. Within about an hour of putting the HydraPatch on, I felt better. The pain was less pronounced, and I forgot all about it. I felt like the HydraPatch®, which also stayed on me the entire time despite my profuse sweating, had a positive impact on my body and provided me the ability to concentrate more while doing my job better.

Tony Washington

Competitive Body Builder

My name is Anthony Washington and I’m a competitive bodybuilder from New Jersey. I tried the HydraPatch® several hours before my leg training session. The adhesive component to the product is phenomenal. Not once did the HydraPatch® even come close to coming off. It was also easy to remove without irritating or pulling the skin.  
There are few things in fitness performance that impress me. I’ve tried all the pre-workouts, fat burners, energy drinks, you name it. But something like the HydraPatch® has never existed before. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to step up their training and recovery. Those who simply deal with electrolyte imbalances, who aren’t as active, can truly benefit from the HydraPatch®.