directions & application

directions & application

best use overview

The HydraPatch® - application to arm

The HydraPatch® is for adults and children over 13 years

  • Store at 36° F to 84° F

  • Clean and dry skin in recommended application areas

  • Remove backing

  • Apply to clean, dry, lotion-free, hairless area

  • Press patch on skin firmly securing outer edges with fingers

  • There should be no bumps or folds in the HydraPatch®

  • Wear for up to 8 hrs

  • If wearing the patch on consecutive occurrences, apply the patch on a different. suggested application area to minimize the potential of skin irritation

  • Skin irritation is not likely, but may occur

Application Areas

Tricep application


The HydraPatch® - forearm application


The HydraPatch® - shoulder application


The HydraPatch® - deltoid application


Apply to clean, dry, lotion-free, hairless area
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